We offer you windsurf coaching for all level of skills: Beginners/advanced/freestyle/wave. With our coaching system "easy surfing" quick learning progress mixed with a lot of fun is guaranteed. In the bays around Icaraizinho and Maceió the flat water is perfect suitable for beginners, advanced surfers, freestylers and wave freaks. Depending on tide conditions, time of day (wind force) and entry (windward/leeward) the bays offer you different training options.
Each coachgroup just has two participants at most.
The coaching includes theory and practice units, simulator training and video analysis.
Head Coach Windsurf: Axel Pielenz (VDWS school license, graduate sports teacher TU München).
Every coaching includes four units in four days (1,5 hours per unit) and costs 200 EUR/person.
Coaching content Windsurf Beginner: From starting to sail to the steer of the sail and correct tacking.
Possible contents within the coaching Windsurf Advanced: Beach-, waterstart, harness surfing, footstraps- and planing techniques, Power Jibe and much more.
Possible contents within the coaching Windsurf Freestyle: Low wind tricks, Air Jibe, Spock, Spock 540, Flaka, Eslider and much more.
At our spots in Brazil wave freaks ride the pointbreaks outside on the sea. Our windsurf coach Axel Pielenz shows you, how to have lots of fun in the waves.
Possible contents within the coaching Windsurf Wave: Wave riding (front- and backside), various jumps, Shove It, Table Top, Loop and much more.
We also offer you private coaching: Four units on four days (1.5 hours per unit) cost 400 EUR.