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Our spots in Brazil are suitable for all wind- and kitesurfers, from windsurf- and kitesurf intermediates up to freestylers or wavefreaks. At the coast in the northwest of Fortaleza we find the two top surfspots Icaraizinho and Maceió: The wind blows every day between five to seven Beautfort, wind- and kitesurfers have lots of fun on the long beaches. On both spots the wind blows side-/offshore from the right. Icaraizinho and Maceió are combined spots: The bays offer you flat water near to the shore, further outside you can enjoy freeriding or the waves. To be able to handle water start is mandatory to be able to enjoy these demanding spots.
Surfcamp: The most days of your stay you will be surfing the main spots in Icaraizinho and Maceió. Upon consultation with you we want to drive with our rented pickups (4wd all-terrain vehicles) from our base in Maceió for surf trips to Camocim and to the Lago da Cangalha. That way you get the possibility to surf on different spots. A cross-country car is mandatory in Brazil to get to know all the unique surfspots. All costs (car rental, diesel, ferry-, parking fees) for the rented pickups already are included in the camp price.
The nights in double- or three persons rooms with an extensive, awesome breakfast are included in the camp price. When you want a single room please ask us in advance. We move into beautiful rooms with seperate shower/toilet. Both Pousadas in Icaraizinho and Maceió have WLAN. 
The surfcamp is supervised by Axel Pielenz. Axel is your local surfguide, he explains to you the spots, gives you valuable tips on how to start and land, riding the waves or the flat water. Axel also decides which spots are suitable for the group, so that all participants can have a maximum of surf pleasure.