payment and cancelation conditions


This translation of the payment and cancelation conditions of Pielenz Sports is for convenience purposes only. In case of discrepancies between the English version and the German version, the German version shall prevail.

1. Payment

1.1 Two weeks after you received the booking confirmation/invoice the agreed amount for the camps which is stated on the booking confirmation/invoice is due and payable.

1.2 If the amount set out in the confirmation/invoice is not payed when due, we are allowed to re-assign your slot at the camps to a third person and cancel your booking one-sided.  

1.3 If the period between booking and beginning of the camp is less than two weeks, the amount due has to be payed immediately after receiving the booking confirmation/invoice.

2. Cancelation

2.1 You can always cancel your booking before the camp begins. The cancelation needs to be declared with reference to the invoice number. The cancelation becomes effective as of the time of the reception of the cancelation via mail. In case of a cancelation we are allowed to ask for an adequate substitute for the preparations and expenses already performed in form of a cancelation fee.

2.2 The size of the cancelation fee depends on the price for the camp and the location of the camp. Normally the cancelation fee that we have to ask for of every registered participant, is calculated in percentage of the camp price per person for camps on Rhodes, in Brazil and worldwide:

i. up to four weeks before the beginning of the camp: 50%,

ii. between four weeks and seven days before the beginning of the camp: 80%; and

iii. from the seventh day before the beginning of the camp: 100%.

2.3 If the price of the camps depends on the number of people in the accommodation (double rooms, apartments) and one of the participants cancels the camp, the price for the remaining participants will be recalculated depending on the reduced number of participants.